A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter

A good laser cutter goes a long way. Using the wrong kind could be detrimental to your work. Before you dive into your latest arts and crafts project follow this easy guide to finding the right laser cutter for you.

Laser Cutters for Beginners

Quality laser cutters don’t come cheap, however it’s a great investment as lower price ones may not garner the same results. Below are the list of highly recommended laser cutters that are efficient and easy to use.

  • Chinese Imports- This option is both cost efficient and it gets the job done. It’s great for those who are just starting out and don’t want to make a costly investment just yet. The average price is $400. Be prepared to swap out small submersible pumps intended to go in buckets for radiant chillers, and to upgrade your ventilation system. The bundled software typically offers a very poor user experience, but that’s something you can learn to work around — especially with the potential savings.
  • Full Spectrum Laser- Full Spectrum Laser started out by importing Chinese lasers, tuning them up, and rebranding them for American sales. In an attempt to increase reliability and ease of use, FSL decided to create their own laser cutter system and released the H-Series. To reduce cost, the H-Series skips an adjustable bed — instead, you adjust the laser focus by moving the final lens assembly. With a step up in software from the standard import offerings, the H-Series starting at $3,499 offers great value.
  • Epilog Laser- Epilog is the gold standard if you’re looking for a high-quality, user-friendly laser cutter machine. Two big advantages: Epilog’s print driver makes the process of sending your designs to the machine quick and painless; and special air-cooled laser tubes made by Epilog reduce the hassles and potential hazards of their liquid-cooled competitors. The convenience doesn’t come cheap though; the Zing line, their most affordable, starts at just under $8,000 for a 30-watt, 16″×12″ machine.

How Do I Use a Laser Cutter?

  • Create an image that you wish to cut- This can be from a camera, a drawing or an image you found online. The image will need to be uploaded to your computer and into software that works with your laser cutter. Most laser cutters will use software called CorelDRAW, but your model may have different software.
  • Choose the material you are going to cut your image onto– There are many different materials that a laser cutter can work with. Wood, acrylic and laser-safe plastic can both be cut and etched. Aluminum and glass can also be etched with a laser cutter.
  • Check to make sure the lens is clean– Make sure that the lens is clean before starting to cut, or your image and cut may be off. To check the lens you will have to remove a few screws using a screwdriver. If the lens does need cleaning, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to gently clean it.
  • Turn on your machine and get ready to cut – Turn on the machine and wait for it to warm up before starting. Go to your computer and in your software program go to “File” and then “Print.” A Preferences menu should pop up allowing you to choose the cutting method. Most machines will have 2 cutting methods: “raster” and “vector.” “Raster” is used when you wish to engrave something, and “vector” is used when you want to cut out pieces.

Now that you are armed with the tools you need to not only know which laser cutter to buy, but also how to properly use one you can start your latest creation in confidence.…

Laser cutting

When we talk about cutting and engraving materials, laser cutting machines are the best machines to use. It will give you the accurate result that you want, and the designs that you want. Ive been using one to cut cosmetic gaskets for cylinder heads.  The laser cutting precision keeps the gasket cut clean and accurate.

A laser is come from a source called a resonator.  A resonator produces radiation in-step waves of identical frequency, phase and polarization. Laser technology has the following advantages:  Laser cutting machine has a high processing speed and it can easily finish the process with incredibly accurate results.  Read this scary accident with a laser cutter: here

Compared to other thermal cutting processes, the laser cutting machines have a very narrow heat-affected zone, and it can cut different types of materials (in my case cosmetic gaskets). There’s no need to change tools when cutting and engraving, it can cut complicated shapes, and very small holes and a ground surfaces. You can rest assured that there will be fewer errors or deformation of the cut sheet due to only a low level of heat is being applied. Laser cutting machinery have incredibly high accuracy.  In fact it’s the only technology that will cut and engrave to precision intricate or highly complicated renderings.

As far as laser cutting methods, there are two main methods in cutting, and it is dependent upon the type of materials to be cut. One of the methods is called fusion cutting or high pressure cutting.  Here the material  is combined with an energy of the laser beam, the gas in this situation nitrogen at high pressure, the purpose of this is to blow away the molten material from the kerf (laser cut line).  The gas jet will also protect the focusing optics from contamination.

The second methods of laser cutting utilizes Oxidation Cutting or laser touch cutting whereby the laser beam heats the materials with a highly combustible temperature.

Laser cuttingThe gas or oxygen in this scenario is at a medium pressure and is being use to oxidize the material and drive the slag out of the kerf.  Also gas protects the focusing optics from fumes and debris. Overall it will supply by the exothermic reaction of the oxygen with the material the large part of the energy for cutting process. The work piece of laser cutting is primarily an optical phenomenon, and the laws of optics govern the whole process, because of the best result of your product. There are different types of laser cutting.  There’s CO2, Nd, Nd-YAG, Fiber to name a few.  Most in the metal industry today are using Fiber laser cutting machines, even some schools and business companies are applying them. Read more info coming from http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/boy-10-penis-cut-laser-9521226

Through the accurate, precision cuts of a laser machine, there are many customers and prospective clients who will be aware and interested in your products, leading to a rapid increase in production. A laser cutter leaves a very thin and easily removable oxidation layer, and a high-pressure laser cutting with nitrogen enables oxide-free cutting. For that reason, laser cutting machines are the best option when we talk about cutting and engraving different types of materials – even for the most complicated of designs using most difficult to cut materials.  Review other companies feedback prior to purchasing any laser.  Past customers and even employees will rate and review the company typically pretty honestly.  Here’s Full Spectrum Laser reviews as an example.  But, get an overall consensus from multiple sources.…


As with any machine that you own or operate, it is important to have a complete guide so that you know how to use it safely and efficiently.  You don’t want to be responsible for errors or accidents that might happen by doing something you were warned not to do. That is why there should be complete guide or user manual that you can understand first. If you are looking for a tool that is in demand in making a cutting or engraving masterpiece across a bunch of different materials,  co2 laser machines may be what you are looking for.  These machines can produce both functional and beautiful items that will make the customer happy and satisfy to your products.

You can create whatever designs you want and they will be the one to do the engraving for you by using the laser engraving machine. Laser cutting is a process of precise cutting or engraving a material using focused high-powered laser beam. Laser machine can do cutting and engraving, for cutting there are types of laser that being use, the CO2 lasers, and the neodymium or the Nd and the neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet or the Nd-YAG.

The power of a laser cutter comes from its ability to cut through a wide range of the materials with extremely fascinating precision! Even a desktop 50W laser cutter can cut hard and 1/4″ wood material like butter.  And that is not the same as the drag-knife cutters as they can’t penetrate the hard and thick materials. Laser beams cut so slender that it can give you that well-defined detail. Most of the companies today are using laser machines so that they can produce the exact product that their customer wants, and also laser machines cutting and engraving will produce the precise or accurate output of a product that will make their customers or clients happier and satisfy.

CO2 lasers are one of the types of laser cutting, and there are three separates techniques, the vector cutting, vector engraving, and the raster engraving. Vector cutting is the most common application, a full cut through the material following the vector line in the CAD file. Vector engraving it is a surface level cut onto the material, it will create an outline, and it is better for adding certain details into your designs.

LASER MACHININGRaster engraving, the laser works like an inkjet printer that will move side to side, that will turning the laser on and off very quickly and slowly moving the line-up. A CO2 layers can cut all the way through a variety of materials, ranging from a very thin paper and textiles, or plywood. A laser cutter cannot cut or engrave for some materials that contained Chlorine, ie: PVC, PU leather and some coated patent leathers. Check more info on this link:http://www.designworldonline.com/machine-control-software-acs-simplifies-control-laser-processing-equipment/

That is why it is being used for industrial manufacturing application, schools, and some small businesses. It is a big help for them to make their job easy and fast. So having a complete guide for a laser machining, it will give you lots of knowledge and ideas on how a laser machine to be use and what are the advantages that it will give it to you.  One company you make want to review is Boss Laser.  Look at Boss Laser BBB review.…

laser engraving

Laser engraving machines are being used to engrave some materials using lasers, and also laser engraving is a contact-free process, so there are no complexities in the work piece required during machining. Most of the laser machine is sealed, in order to provide maximum safety for the user. You can do your job quickly and easily, without any delays. It is not like the mechanical engraving machines, it doesn’t have any moving parts that might injure the user. A laser engraving produces a very clean, accurate cutting edges with fine details.

In addition they make sure that the environment stays clean, nothing will damage the environment, most especially when using the laser machine in combination with an exhaust system. In using laser machine for engraving, you are rest assured that it will quickly to finish the product, because of the maximum speed use for laser engraving, and also it will increase the productivity at the company. Your customers or clients will be satisfied to the service you have given; there will be more demand of the product because of the good quality of your product.

By the help of new technology today, laser engraving machine are easy to use, a laser machine are operational with a sensitive user interface and are particularly easy to use. You can automatically finish your job because it is easy to use. Laser engraving machine is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users, you are rest assure that it is safe to use for beginners that what to be learn more. The standard graphics programs are having or supported and make generation of the design easy. Laser engraving machine can give you whatever designs you want, it can easily give you an output that will satisfy you and your client.

laser engravingA laser engraving machine has a top quality, and has a reliable performance that will give good quality product. They were able to complete even the most demanding laser engraving jobs in easy and quick way, because of their state-of-the-art engraving machines. You can beneficially make your offer bigger and have lots of new clients, you can be sure that you can give all the demand that you customers or clients want. So you don’t have to worry. A laser engraving machine is you can secure investment on it that will pay off quickly and also you can use that laser machine for a long time. See more from http://tass.com/press-releases/921775

There are some advantages in using laser engraving, lasers uses a beam of light as a engraving tool, there will be no part of the machinery that actually touches the material being engraved. Laser engraving can produce up to 1200 dots per inch in a permanent, crisp, highly detailed mark, and engraving images. The laser engraving machine can provide an tremendously fast way to customize your products, if you want to engrave multiple pieces, you can quickly create a jig to hold the products in place. Quality of the engraving is unmatched for reproducing graphics.…