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Maintenance Tips for Your Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutter machines allow metal manufacturers to create high quality parts that require very little or no finishing at all. Because a laser cutter has high power, excess material is melted, burned or vaporized. A high-pressure gas jet also removes any debris, resulting in a precisely finished surface cut.

Two types of laser cutting machines are in use today are co2 laser cutter and YAG. The CO2 laser cutting machines were one of the first gas lasers cutting equipment, being the most common variety of laser cutting machine. They offer an excellent power input / output ratio that is very efficient. YAG lasers are in solid state and use a crystal as an application medium. They cut steel and other alloys in the metallurgical industry.

Laser cutting versus mechanical cutting

The models of laser cutting machines are distinct from traditional mechanical cutters. Since the laser never comes into physical contact with the metal, there is little or no wear on the equipment, with fewer opportunities for the material to be contaminated. The types of laser cutters also cut the metal more accurately than the mechanical cutters. As they are very accurate machines, they often request recurring maintenance to keep them working at their top capacity.

In mechanical cutting, there is usually a large area affected by heat that can cause deformation of the material. Thanks to the laser cutter, the area affected by heat is small, thus reducing the possibility of deformation of the material. While laser cutting offers numerous advantages, it also consumes a very high level of energy. Having the fiber laser cutting machine always in good shape will cost you less.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machines offer a substantial number of benefits to consider when selecting a cutting device. In addition to its advantages over conventional mechanical cutting, laser cutting is a quick and simple process. Safety is also important and as a result, most laser machines are fully enclosed to prevent accidents.

Laser cutting machines are equipped with touch-screen computer screens where workers can make project changes in the form of prototypes. Learn more.

Laser Cutting Machine Considerations

Although they are exceptional for cutting steel and other heavy metals, laser cutting machines often do not work well on highly reflective metals such as copper and aluminum. Since these metals reflect laser light very easily and also absorb heat, high-power beams are needed for cutting.

When drilling, laser cutting machines create slightly tapered holes, due to the fact that the surface of the hole is slightly larger in diameter than the deepest part. As laser cutting melts the material in the path of the beam, the metal can harden in the punch, especially in thermally treated materials. Although it may be beneficial in some applications, this issue can be detrimental to those who require additional work, such as threading. Therefore, this type of machine should receive constant care and not be used with metals that can damage its beam system.

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What are the Best Tips for Laser Cutting Wood?

Laser cutting is a technique for cutting materials by using a high-powered laser to burn away material. This could be technique could be used for a variety uses like adding decorations to a piece or simple trimming some material off a subject. Originally an industrial technique used on metal sheets and piping mostly, this process has been simplified to enable people of many backgrounds and occupations to get creative with many natural, hard, and soft materials.

While most of the time today the process is automated by computer-aided design (CAD) software, professional laser wood cutting requires not only plenty of experience but also some experimentation to figure out what materials work the best in your particular set up. It also does not hurt to have some familiarity with your materials and some technical knowledge about the process of laser cutting. If you are just getting started do not fret, some skills will come over time.

Some Tips

Working with wood allows you to do more than just cut. If you were to increase your beams focus and power and moving somewhat slowly you can make extremely precise cuts in your wood. However if you lower your beams focus and power and move a bit faster your can “etch” or shade your wood with burn marks to add some depth and really bring your designs to life.

Try to keep in mind that lightweight woods cut more easily than dense or moist woods. Lasers you could be using also vary by power, polarization, mode, and control. Cutting using a laser cutting technique requires a ton of careful attention to detail. Things like the feed speed or even the type of gas used to clear the laser’s path will affect the quality of the cut. It is also important to keep in mind that when going from a computer image of your product to reality and actually cutting your material some variance in your beam’s cutting dimensions; beam kerf, or width of the hole, might end up slightly bigger than drawn. These things could lead or contribute to solids being fractionally thinner than planned. Thin lines can disappear in the etch, and thin wood can wrap or break under the heat of the laser.

For more difficult or highly complex designs, many machines allow its users to use “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) software to create artistic and highly detailed objects in stunning detail. This software comes in varying degrees of difficulty to use. From extremely beginner and user friendly versions to extremely complex but more powerful and flexible software that could take months of experimenting with before you would be a expert.

Final Words

Hopefully you can use some of these tips to help with your creations. Remember to be safe at all times when laser cutting any material but especially wood as the last thing you want is to start a fire and damage your machine or even put your life at risk.

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Laser Cutter

Thinking of renting or buying a laser engraver? There are truly thousands today who love that idea and who want to get a nice and simple way to create a new hobby at home. Engraving is very popular and there are lots of things which can be done to create a great new item. Have you thought about engraving gifts and making them a little more special? If not why?! There has never been a better time to get an engraver and get to work!

Creating a Special Gift with A CO2 Laser Engraver

Let’s say you purchased a piece of jewelry for someone special but you wanted to make the gift something they’d remember, what would you do? Well, you could engrave the item so that the person you gave the item to, remembered it forever. With a laser engraver you could in fact create a very special gift and the best thing is that the engraving can be simple yet very effective. You can absolutely adore the gift a lot more and really it can open the doorway to a whole new set of ideas when it comes to gifts. It has never been easier to look at creating a special gift with a laser engraver.

You Can Buy a Used Engraver

When you have an engraver at home, you have the ability to do a lot of things with it. You can engrave a gift or just make certain projects a lot easier. There are so many reasons for you to use the engraver and you can have a lot of fun with them too. You really should think about getting an engraver and you are not going to regret it. What is more, you can buy a used machine and save a lot of money at the same time. A CO2 laser engraver can cost a little but it will pay for itself over time. You are sure to love the engraver and how simple it is to use too. There has never been a better time to look to the engraver.

Personalize Your Home’s Goods Forever

Have you thought about which items around the home can be made a little more special? You can engrave simple picture frames, cabinets and so much more. With a laser engraver you can easily engrave what you need to with minimal effort. That is why there are now more and more using these machines and they are absolutely fantastic to say the least. You are going to enjoy using the machines and all they provide. They are amongst the very best items today and your home can benefit from them too.

Get an Engraver Today

Engraving is a simple practice and something most people will be able to handle with ease. There has never been a simpler time to get an engraving machine and you really will love what it can do for you too. These machines are cost effective and not as difficult to use either so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them either. Get a CO2 laser engraver and enjoy using them too.


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